Plant My Pledge, Horqin Green Action 2 Million Trees

2014 Horqin Reforestation Trip Highlights


In 2001, Timberland started on one of its most important reforestation projects in Inner Mongolia’s Horqin Desert, in partnership with Japan-based non-profit organization – Green Network.

Overgrazing of the land and excessive deforestation by man has led to severe desertification which changed the once lush and green Horqin Grassland into a barren Horqin Desert. Timberland serves by organizing tree planting activities in Horqin Deset, supporting its recovery to the lush Greenland it was before, with the goal of impacting the land and people positively.

Timberland has planted more than 1.7 million trees in Horqin Desert over the past 14 years. Come 2015, we will be achieving the 2 million trees milestone and we would like you to be part of this experience!

Click here to find more information on the Horiqn Green Action reforestation program.

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Pledge Pioneers

In 2014, 9 Timberland representatives from different Asia offices have been nominated as Pledge Pioneers to lead the action by planting their pledges in the Horqin grassland, check out what they have pledged and get some inspiration.

  • Selena Ou
    Financial Controller, Timberland Taiwan
    I am Selena from Taiwan. I pledge to plant in the office. I will keep a small plant at my desk, and I will also encourage my colleagues to join me in planting. Planting in the office can improve indoor air quality, it can also help us to reduce stress by making the office more comfortable.
  • Joe Hong
    Human Resources Director, Timberland Asia Pacific
    I am Joe from Hong Kong. From now on, I pledge to run 20km every week and take less public transport in hope of attaining a healthier life and help protect our Earth by reducing carbon emission!
  • Molly Gong
    Assistant Office Manager, Timberland China
    I am Molly from Shanghai. I pledge to eat healthier – more vegetables and less red meat – to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, make a difference to the environment and make it a more beautiful world.
  • Ghen Akiyama
    General Manager, Timberland Japan
    I am Ghen from Japan. I pledge to reduce the usage of smartphones and laptops when I am not at work, especially for unnecessary purposes. It not only allows me to reduce electricity consumption but also enables me to enjoy my real life more.
  • Swan Zhao
    Senior Leather Technician - Timberland Zhuhai
    I pledge to reduce leather wastage by handcrafting them into tiny elephant key chains and mouse pads for my friends and colleagues. I'll also donate them to charitable organizations for fund raising!
  • Samantha Lau
    Marketing Manager – Timberland Hong Kong
    I pledge to reduce paper waste in my daily life and reuse the cardboard paper from toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls. I will find useful and imaginative ways to incorporate the rolls into my daily life such as a cord wrapper or a smart phone speaker roll!
  • Jihye Lee
    Visual Merchandising Manager – Timberland Korea
    I pledge to turn trash into something meaningful with my creative ideas. I will up-cycle old clothes into fashion accessories and sell them at flea markets to raise funds for charitable organizations.
  • Eleanor Chin & Dickson Choo
    Marketing Manager – Timberland Singapore & Malaysia,
    Marketing Executive – Timberland Malaysia
    We pledge to reduce using plastic bags and plastic PET bottles by bringing our own recycled shopping bags and water bottles every day.